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Are you planning to travel? With Fortune World Travel it is easier than you think to organise your next business trip or holiday. When you visit Fortune World Travels website, organising travel throughout Australia, or anywhere else in the world for that matter is a breeze. Flights, accommodation and holiday specials mean that travelling away from home is affordable and within the grasp of all Australians, so why not visit us today and find out for yourself.

At Fortune World Travel we can organise your holiday for you and even give you advice on the best spots to visit because our team of travel experts have first hand knowledge of your destination cities, their major attractions and perhaps a few off-the-track hidden gems just for you. We can also, importantly, help you organise the most important part of any overseas travel: the visas and travel insurance of course. With just a few clicks on our web site you can access our visa services.

When you are ready to book your next holiday, our website link to Visalink will help you get the ball rolling so that when you arrive you will have no issues when it comes to your required visas. The last thing you would want to do is travel to America only to find that you only organised a visa for the Canadian leg of your journey. Youll be more than red faced when they turn you away from arrivals and send you back to the departure lounge. Our friendly team will advise you on all your visa requirements and then point you in the direction of Visalink to ensure you have plenty of time to organise this vital aspect of travelling the world.

Visalink is fast, easy and secure service which will assist you with your visa needs. They can even help you get a passport as quickly as possible for those times when you need to fly in a hurry. You can access Visalink from the Fortune World travel website and they have customer service agents waiting for your call or email.

Have peace of mind the next time you are travelling that your passport and visas are organised well in advance of your flight. Let us book your flights and accommodation and let Visalink help you organise your visas so that when you leave you are confident that anything that could go wrong has been dealt with prior to departure. Remember, if there is an issue, then our friendly team of travel agents are there to help you.

If you have any questions regarding your holiday or you are unsure about visas and travel insurance, or just if you have any questions at all, out team of professional travel agents are only a phone call or website visit away.

Call us on 1300 837 920 or visit our website today and let our friendly team get you started on your next holiday around the world. Take a step, get to know us better and fly the world with us.

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