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Fortune World Travel, a home grown fully licensed travel agent is founded in 2013.We have established ourselves as a Total Travel Solutions Provider.

We have contractual arrangements with all major wholesalers in most of the countries around the Globe where we deal directly with them to obtain the best deals and pass on these benefits to our clients.

Our formula for success – a great team of dedicated, high-energy, goal-oriented and highly motivated staff. Together we work towards a challenging avenue to significantly contribute to Fortune World Travel's efficiency, growth and profitability.

All of us at Fortune World Travel will climb the uphill task, march through several crises along the way facing challenges and shall emerge stronger and will become one of the most talked-about fastest growing companies in the industry.

Take a step, get to know us better and fly the world with us.

At Fortune World Travel we are the best travel agents in Sydney. Our customer service is second to none and we offer our customers the convenience of planning and booking their next holiday directly from our easy to use website. Flights, accommodation and holiday packages can all be booked with a few clicks on our website.

We provide a full service travel agency for our customers in Sydney so when you are ready to book you can also arrange visas and travel insurance at the same time. How’s that for convenient?

Our network extends worldwide, but we are just as connected in Australia as anywhere else so for your local travel, whether for business or pleasure, you should check out our website for the cheapest flights and best deals going around. Our travel agents in Sydney have contractual arrangements with most carriers so you can rest assured you will not be missing out on the very best deal possible.

At Fortune World Travel, we know that your travelling needs are unique to you, so we pride ourselves on offering a huge selection of options to make your holiday exactly what you want it to be. Maybe you want to fly cheaply, or perhaps it’s time to finally spoil yourself in first class, either way we have you covered for that wish and everything else in between.

Okay, so your flights are booked, accommodation is sorted, you have your travel insurance and visas organised and you have done it all on our user friendly website, what now? Well the best part of course! What will you do while you are there? Our website has a list of attractions, religious sites, places to visit, as well as, some practical information like where the airports are within each destination. Anyway you look at it Fortune World Travel has you covered for all you holiday needs.

Call us on 1300 837 920 or visit our website today and let our friendly team of well-travelled agents in Sydney get you started on your next business or holiday trip around the world.

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